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We are enthusiasts who are keen to share their passion for the 1940's. We've created a retreat that allows you to step back in time and experience first hand the ambiance of the 1940's and the second world war.

Here at the tea rooms we allow our customers to experience a great sense of camaraderie, friendship and warmth whilst tucking into one of their favourite sandwiches or cakes all washed down with a fine cup of tea or coffee and served on fine china.

We've been working hard to establish our  key principles, which include meeting and exceeding customers expectations with a wholesome selection of top quality products at fair prices, that are sure to bring a smile to your face and shoo away the rumbling tums.

As well as catering for the every day snack, lunch and afternoon tea takers we also offer private events where special occasions can be celebrated in style with friends and family.

The Blitz 1940's Tea Rooms is a place set back in time to an era of nostalgia and fond memories of our grandparents and great grandparents. We have three very distinct areas to enjoy, our ground floor is devoted to the wartime patriotic spirit and is decorated with bunting and photos of those who lived through the war as well as those messages of joining the cause of the day. On the first floor we have the officers mess where you can kick back and relax either in an armchair or settee whilst listening to the music of the day. Alternatively you can wander through to the parlor where you can sit at one of our lovely tables in the presence of a royal themed room with past Kings and Queens looking on.

Take a step back in time and come along for a relaxing coffee whilst you read an original magazine of the time and listen to the wireless softly playing in the background.

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